Bike Technology – Some Developments

An on-line encyclopaedia defines biomechanics as “applying the principles of mechanics to living organisms. In particular, biomechanics analyses the behaviour of physiological structures when they are subjected to static or dynamic stresses. ”

For us cyclists, biomechanics is the science that helps us to specific the utmost effectivity and to be snug with our bicycle.

Each bicycle parameter have to be appropriate for our physique. To our private measurements, to our posture. The function of BIKE TECHNOLOGY is to rigorously analyse the bike owner and to make sure that the bicycle is totally and completely “sewn on.”

A good biomechanical examine ought to present all of the solutions helpful to the bike owner to resolve any stress and put the muscle mass within the situation to work greatest. Every side needs to be evaluated, examined and at last consolidated. BIKE TECHNOLOGY places all of the know-how out there on the service of bicycles and cyclists. Of each kind, of each degree, as a result of consolation and effectivity usually are not a luxurious reserved solely to skilled athletes.

All these parameters are so necessary and require a extremely millimeter precision in order that they aren’t solely entrusted to the human eye.

In the research of BIKE TECHNOLOGY, you possibly can carry out three examine-up ranges. Looking for the best body.

All anthropometric measurements of the bike owner are carried out. Based on these, it releases a card for the potential creation of a tailor-made body and goes for the best bike measurement that the bike owner is about to purchase.

The check life is about 60 minutes.

The value of 60,00 €

Required materials: full with bicycle

A report folder is launched Download Service List “biomechanical services, check-ups, training …” Check-up BASE

BASE examine-up is the indispensable start line for each sporting season and for each bike owner.

In the face of a cautious anthropometric measurement, made with state-of-the-artwork instrumentation, we start with the optimization of the helps (plaques, saddles and handlebars).

Then all the opposite parameters of the bicycle are outlined: saddle peak, saddle again, saddle off – handlebar, saddle distance – handlebars and pedal size. The bike owner pedals a dynamic simulator loop on the “old” and “new” place whereas the whole lot is filmed and analysed by a world-main software program in Dartfish kinematics.

Once all of the corners of the bike owner are inside the optimum reference ranges, the measurements are reported via a particular measuring bench on the private bicycle.

The check length is roughly 120 ‘. The value of 130,00 €

Required materials: full with bicycles, bicycle sneakers and private bicycles (additionally with out wheels)

A biomechanical account folder is launched. Download Service List “biomechanical services, check-ups, training …” COMPLETE CHECK-UP

COMPLETE examine-up is the utmost accuracy you possibly can anticipate from a biomechanical positioning.

After beginning anthropometric measurement, a postural analysis is carried out that includes the inspection and evaluation of every receptor and its impact on the physique. Again on this case, the know-how helps us to detect millimetre of all of the rotations, the bascules and the asymmetries of the bike owner’s physique.

There are additional confirmations going to analyse the construction of the toes and the distribution of the weights.

The postural steadiness of the ciclosimulator begins. The optimization of the helps (placards, saddles and handlebars) is completed by giving most consideration to the back and front view of the bike owner to attain the symmetry between the left and proper facet of the physique, thus eliminating all these tensions and uneven tapering.

Starting from the optimum place, on the dynamic simulator cycle, the four primary setting parameters (saddle peak, saddle again, saddle-wheel rim and saddle-handlebar distance) fluctuate so long as the MEP Pedal Performance Meter Better bike owner knowledge.

All is filmed and analysed by the world’s main software program in Dartfish kinematics and all pedalling angles are studied to additional examine the correctness of the examine-up carried out.

Finally, the measurements are carried via a specific measuring bench on the bike owner’s bicycle.

The check length is roughly 180’-240 ‘. The value of 200, 00 €

Required materials: full with bicycles, bicycle sneakers and private bicycles (additionally with out wheels)

A biomechanical CD is launched with the film, the chassis frames and excellent trim and all of the postural info. Download Service Lists “biomechanical services, check-ups, training …” house goals communication situations for evaluating the coaching management hyperlinks information from the bicycle is canter of biomechanics of Cats Marco.